Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One down, three to go

The trio configuration delivered the goods last night at the 1510 Performance Space in Oakland.

And as so often happens, Amar has beat me to blogging about it. His post has pictures, too!

Since Bill wasn't able to join us, Jim and Amar needed to expand their roles in the texture. Amar brought another laptop and contributed some sounds I hadn't heard before in rehearsal. Amar also served as our opening artist with about a half-hour's worth of meditative solo electronica. He also improvised with his own electronic sounds acoustically on the 1510 piano.

All four of us (once we're reunited with Bill) will spend tomorrow traveling and play our next concert on Thursday night at Rotture in Portland. We'll be sharing the stage with Resolution 57, Emily Hay and her group, and a duo of Brad Dutz and Wayne Peet.

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Tim said...

Resolution 57 is Doug Theriault, Guitar; Kelvin Pittman, saxophones; Tim DuRoche, drums. We'll see you tonight!