Monday, August 31, 2009

Cool, I'm on an award-winning album!

Along with 119 other people. Click here and scroll down to the results for "Experimental Album Winners". Fun!

The 2004/2005 Vox Novus double album covered two years' worth of 60 x 60 international mixes. Here are all the award-winning composers:

60x60 (2005 / CD): Lydia Ayers, Kenneth Babb, Christopher Bailey, Greg Bartholomew, J.C. Batzner, Eve Beglarian, Steven Betts, Benjamin Bierman, John G. Bilotta, Paul Burnell, Julian Cartwright, David Claman, Paul Clouvel, Douglas Cohen, Andrew Cormier, Lucio Cuellar, Aaron Drake, Ivan Elezovic, Travis Ellrott, David Gunn, Mike Hallenbeck, David Hamill, David Handford, Justin Freeman, Marihiko Hara, Erdem Helvacioglu, Dorothy Hindman, Lynn Job, Gary Knudson, Myroslava Lashkevych, John Link, Stan Link, Tom Lopez, Don Malone, Mike McFerron, Leslie Melcher, Polly Moller, Rodney Oakes, Cezary Ostrowski, Ronald Parks, Alexis Perepelcia, Samuel Pluta, Kevin Ponto, Malcom Rector, Mark Rose, Heike Schmidt, Alex Shapiro, Martin Simon, Adam Sovkoplas, Kenneth Steen, Jonathan Stone, Dirk Johan Stromberg, Peter Swanzy, Peter Swendsen, Mike Swinchoski, Piotr Szewczyk, Norman Teale, Robert Scott Thompson, Rene Veron, Mike Vernusky, and Straiph Wilson

60x60 (2004 / CD):Riad Abdel-Gawd, Aaron Acosta, Liana Alexandra, John Allemeier, Jethro Bagust, Christian Banasik, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Sandeep Bhagwati, Jason Bolte, Benjamin Boone, Justin Breame, George Brunner, Benedikt Brydern, Elvio Cipollone, Ray Cole, Noah Creshevsky, Moritz Eggert, Karlheinz Essl, Carlo Forlivesi, Larry Gaab, David Gamper, Ryan Garber, Douglas Geers, Peter Gilbert, Robert Gluck, Daniel Goode, Ramon Gorgoitia, Pat Hanchet, Jason Heald, James Hegarty, Mark Henry, Killick, Bernand Hughes, David Jaggard, Solange Kershaw, Igor Korneitchouk, Charles Mason, David McIntre, James McWilliam, David Mooney, Serban Nichifor, Julia Norton, Richard O'Donnell, Maggi Payne, Mark Petering, Giuseppe Rapisarda, Steven Ricks, Robert Sazdov, John Schappert, Jacky Schreiber, Paul Steenhuisen, Allen Strange, Thomas Sutter, Vladimir Tosic, Eldad Tsabary, Joseph Vogel, Robert Voisey, Meri von KleinSmid, Chris Ward, and Katrina Wreede.

And here is where you can get it. Individual tracks, too!

Harvest Moon concert this Thursday in SF

We just had Lammas, so it makes sense that the Harvest Moon is the next Full Moon on the calendar. RTD3, the trio of Ron Heglin, Tom Nunn, and Doug Carroll, are up first followed by the Potluck Percussion Harvest with Gino Robair. If you're coming to the show, don't forget to bring a harvest of items for Gino to improvise with.

The Harvest Moon show will happen at the Luggage Store Gallery, 1007 Market Street at 6th Street, San Francisco. Admission is $6.00 - $10.00 sliding scale, with no one turned away for lack of funds.


8 PM: RTD3's Harvest Moon team consensus reads, "We're all essentially dogs and when the moon comes out we howl! The Harvest Moon is the full resonance of the summer with all the timbre of the earth and that which has grown and a marking of a kind of maturity of growth. Sonically this plays out from our experience of this moon. The full moon is also a trickster emotionally. Dancing spirits from the past frolic in the moonlight. Dead, yet, alive, they are always to be and never were."

9PM: This evening's solo performance features Gino's Potluck Percussion, where he plays only the objects presented to him by the audience. The evening is dedicated to Neil Young.


RTD3 features Ron Heglin, voice and trombone; Tom Nunn, elctroacoustic percussion; and Doug Carroll, cello. This SF Bay Area trio is dedicated to free improvisation. Drawing upon influences in classical and jazz domains, their sound is unique and imaginative. Their sonic landscapes propel the listener into a world of sound that is enigmatic, fanciful and chimeric.

Gino Robair has performed and recorded with Tom Waits, Anthony Braxton, John Zorn, Nina Hagen, Terry Riley, Lou Harrison, John Butcher, Derek Bailey, Peter Kowald, Otomo Yoshihide, and the ROVA Saxophone Quartet. He is one of the "25 innovative percussionists" included in the book Percussion Profiles (SoundWorld, 2001), as well as a founding member of the Splatter Trio and Pink Mountain. His opera, I, Norton, based on the life of Norton I, Emperor of the United States, has been performed throughout North America and Europe.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here's what I'm doing next...

I'm excited to be a part of 5x5, which is John Shiurba's mutating band that always has 5 people interpreting 5 of his compositions. The five of us are:

Kyle Bruckmann, oboe
Matt Ingalls, clarinets
Polly Moller, flute
Gino Robair, percussion
John Shiurba, guitar

The show happens on Wednesday night, September 2nd, at 8:00 pm at the Climate Theatre, 285 9th St (at Folsom), SF. Get in for $7.00 - $15.00 sliding scale.

We go on at 9:00 p.m. after Lisa Mezzacappa's Bait & Switch, consisting of:

Aaron Bennett, saxophones
John Finkbeiner, guitar
Lisa Mezzacappa, bass
Vijay Anderson, drums

So this is one of your options on Wednesday night.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Monday, August 03, 2009

Corn Moon concert this Thursday in SF

My Full Moon Concert Series which I'm curating for Outsound Presents and the Luggage Store Gallery moves on to the Corn Moon concert this Thursday night.

At 8 pm we have Grex, the duo of Karl Evangelista and Margaret Scampavia. At 9pm we have the tenor saxophone duo of Phillip Greenlief and David Boyce.

The Corn Moon concert will happen at the Luggage Store Gallery, 1007 Market Street at 6th Street, San Francisco. Admission is $6.00 - $10.00 sliding scale, with no one turned away for lack of funds.


Grex's program explores generative natural processes through the lens of morbidity and fractured consciousness, utilizing cyclicalism and repetition to infuse this perspective with shades of redemption and rebirth.

For the Corn Moon, Phillip Greenlief and David Boyce will explore the identity of corn in Native American Mythology and everyday life, which is traditionally associated with abundance. For centuries Natives have harvested corn and used it in practical and imaginative ways. Along with the buffalo, Corn Mother is the deity of harvest, and suggests images of plenty in all its manifestations. For this performance, the duo with use this notion of "we have all we need" as expressed in musical terms.


Grex (greks) n. 1. a multicellular aggregate of the groups Acrasiomycota or Dictyosteliida, formed for the purposes of travel and food collection. 2. a Bay Area creative music partnership composed of Karl A.D. Evangelista (guitar, vox, misc.) and Margaret Rei Scampavia (piano/keys, accordion, flute, saxophone, vox, misc.). Grex (the band) was formed in and around the Mills College music axis, early morning breakfast conversations, and intense dissections of South African music, emphasizing genre bending, cross-idiomatic conceits and melding elements of mostly everything (Evangelista has a background in free jazz and Scampavia is a biologist) into something stark and eldritch. Remarks HurdAudio, "The striking thing about this music was its stubborn refusal to eschew any element in favor of another -- offered with a headlong creative urge that made the unexpected turns and sequences into a joyful expression."

Since his emergence on the west coast in the late 1970s, Evander Music founder Phillip Greenlief has achieved international critical acclaim for his recordings and performances with musicians and composers in the post-jazz continuum as well as new music innovators and virtuosic improvisers. His ever-evolving relationship with the saxophone unfolds with an expansive sound vocabulary, a deep regard for melody and form and a rollicking humor and wit that is not dissimilar to the Native American Coyote tales. In addition to a busy performing and recording schedule, he currently teaches at Oakland School for the Arts, East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, and is Director of Music at San Francisco Waldorf High School.

David Boyce spent his formative years in NYC soaking up the city's vast multi-cultural offerings. After being bitten by the jazz bug in elementary school he began his studies of the saxophone. Music quickly became the focus of his non academic endeavors. He graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations, taught school in the Bronx and moved out to San Francisco just in time for the Loma Prieta earthquake. Living in the Bay area inspired him to pursue music as a full time obsession. He co-founded the avant jazz group Broun Fellinis (18 years running) and became an active free lance musician involved in many musical pursuits that include Jazz, Post rock, HipHop, Afrobeat , Improv and Electronic Music. His music has taken him to Europe, Japan and Canada as well as around the US. Currently, he performs with Broun Fellinis, Katdelic, Sila and The Afro Funk Experience, Black Quarterback, The Supplicants, and Black Edgar's Musik Box.