Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reconnaissance Fly this Sunday night in SF

This Sunday night, November 1st, at 7:30 p.m., Reconnaissance Fly will take the stage opening for Noertker's Moxie at the Musicians' Union Hall, 116 9th Street at Mission Street in San Francisco. It's the CD release party for Noertker's Moxie and we're playing the opening set.

Who or what is Reconnaissance Fly? It's a band of composers in the midst of co-creating a long-form work. Our first project, Flower Futures, will be a multi-movement “spong cycle” based entirely on spoetry – the deliciously powerful results of robot efforts to evade your spam filter. Some movements are written out, some are improv frameworks, and all celebrate the poetic gifts of the Internet.

Here are the bios of the band members:

Polly Moller (Scorpio) is a composer, performer, improviser, performance artist, curator, and writer based in Oakland, California. Her current passions are found text, extended techniques and improvisation on flute and bass flute, found and/or toy instruments, and composition drawing upon spirituality, ritual movements, and the occult. Polly is currently working on a solo piccolo piece commissioned by Amy Likar of the Oakland East Bay Symphony, and preparing for the Feb. 25, 2010 premiere of her piece Genesis for 12 improvisers.

Amar Chaudhary (Pisces) is a longtime composer and performer specializing in contemporary and electronic music, as well as a developer of advanced software for sound synthesis and music composition. Amar had his music performed internationally and has received several honors for his musical work. He remains actively involved in local electronic and experimental music in the San Francisco Bay Area, and performs regularly, both as a solo artist and in groups, including the ensemble Reconnaissance Fly. His recent music involves experimentation with new sounds and sound-synthesis/processing techniques and new modes of musically expressive performance, free improvisation, combination of disparate elements and styles, and incorporating folk and toy instruments into electro-acoustic music. In addition to his musical work, Amar maintains a deep interest in modern and contemporary art in several media as a creator, consumer and supporter.

Bill Wolter (Sagittarius)is a guitarist, composer, and sound engineer working in the SF Bay Area. His music hovers around experimental rock, jazz, noise, new music, and all areas in between. A restless collaborator who constantly seeks the most diverse and challenging musical experiences, Bill performs and collaborates frequently with a wide range of musicians, artists, and dancers. Recently Bill has been working on musical game design for Guitar Hero videogames, as well as composing music for modern dance, and playing with a jazz organ trio organ-ma-tron. Bill has worked with the Bay Area jazz/rock/prog bands Slydini and Inner Ear Brigade, and has collaborated with other performance ensembles such as sfSound, Moe!kestra and Double Vision. Recently, Bill received the Wurlitzer Foundation composition residency in Taos, New Mexico.