Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Coming up this Sunday - enjoy us with your leftovers!

COMING UP Sunday 11/29

UB RADIO SALON episode 411
"Harvesting new traditions of well lubricated fallen leaves..."

with special guests: 
Polly Moller + Tim Walters

1.00-3.00 GMT / 2.00-4.00 CET (Mon. Nov. 30)

LIVE STREAM via DFM RTV (Amsterdam, NL)
Website: http://DFM.NU/
Player Links:


archives available after the show via Internet Archive:

Friday, November 06, 2015

Karelian Skies on Finnish radio, Sunday, November 8th

This coming Sunday, my Karelian Skies compadres and I will be on the radio, as the Space Junk program plays several selections from our performance in Nurmes-Talo:

Kim Bjorn, Polly Moller and Tim Walters at Karelian Skies 2015
photo by Kim Bjorn
Space Junk 08/11/2015 - SOFTWARE MUSIC:


KARELIAN SKIES 2015:Minus 30 degrees Celsius (Live in Karelia Skies 2015)
KARELIAN SKIES 2015 Lake Board (Live in Karelia Skies 2015)
KARELIAN SKIES 2015 Lofo (Live in Karelia Skies 2015)
KARELIAN SKIES 2015 Storm (Live in Karelia Skies 2015)
KARELIAN SKIES 2015: All The Idle Weeds (Live in Karelia Skies 2015)
KARELIAN SKIES 2015: Cosmic Collider (Live in Karelia Skies 2015 )
KARELIAN SKIES 2015: Karelia Skies 2015 Encore Jam (Live in Karelia Skies 2015)

Here is the full overview and how to listen. The show starts at 10:05 pm Finland time.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Usufruct at Surrey Street Salon

This is a picture of my friend and colleague Salane Schultz playing at a Surrey Street Salon Open Mic. There is another such Open Mic coming up on October 23 where I'll be playing in the duo Usufruct with Tim Walters. Tim and I are in Reconnaissance Fly together, and we took part in the Karelian Skies residency together, but Usufruct doesn't sound like either project.

Usufruct is actually a term from Roman law and refers to "the right to enjoy the use and advantages of another's property short of the destruction or waste of its substance." This describes my deconstruction of traditional songs and improvising the delivery of their words, pitches, and/or syllables in an unrecognizable, or somewhat recognizable way; combined with flute and bass flute improvisations, and Tim's electronic sounds coming from Supercollider.  And this is what we'll be doing at the Open Mic.  It's actually our second gig.  Our first was in Next Now's All Tomorrow's After-Parties this past Memorial Day weekend.

Surrey Street Salon is located at 231 Surrey Street in San Francisco, and the music starts at 7 pm.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Karelian Skies 2015 concert video now available

Back in July, I participated in the Karelian Skies music residency and concert, in the small town of Nurmes, North Karelia, Finland along with Kim Bjørn, Petri Frestadius,Tony Gerber, Kimmo Kivelä, Otso Pakarinen and Tim Walters.  Sound and visual brilliance by Kimmo Heikkilä, Severi Kärki, and Panu Similä, and our video was shot and edited by Otso Pakarinen.  We all collaborated on the music and I wrote all the lyrics, inspired by the weather, wildflowers, moon, magpies and laughing gulls of Finland. Pop yourself a bowl of space popcorn and enjoy!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Karelian Skies interview

We have been composing, improvising, and rehearsing all week to get ready for tomorrow's concert.  Here is the link where you can see the live webcast, at 7 pm Finland time, and 9 am Pacific, on Friday July 31st.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Video from 2008

It is March 5th, 2008 according to Ron Holman, who was certainly there, and who posted this excerpt.  I have a hard time remembering 2008 clearly, so I am not sure.  I feel like it could have been the previous year. I know Phillip Greenlief was there too; maybe he remembers when it was.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Us at Duende last night

Jason Berry from Vacuum Tree Head took this photo of us playing at Duende last night.  It's the last gig we'll do for a while, as we're heading back into Studio Faire la Nouba the first weekend of March to start work on our new album.  The first tunes we'll be recording will be "Itzirktna" by Amanda and "Undeciphered" by Tim.

Monday, February 09, 2015

We return to Duende Oakland on Saturday, Feb. 21st

Duende is a great place to play and hear music and for those enamored of great food and wine, a very fine tapas restaurant as well.  Reconnaissance Fly will start at 9:30 and we'll play two sets.  Tickets can be bought here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Reconnaissance Fly reviewed in Chain DLK

Chain D.L.K. has been reviewing unusual music and hosting an online community for 20 years.  Now their Steve Mecca has listened to Reconnaissance Fly and provided his review here.