Saturday, November 16, 2002

Diogenes progress and more brilliant CDs

I approved the Diogenes artwork awhile back, which was the final step before the CD went to the plant! In a few weeks there should be a CD cover scanned and up on the album page and added to the photo archives at the Yahoo! group site. Step by step, the whole endeavor moves forward, and I'm really excited. There's a lot of hard, hard work ahead preparing for the album's release in February. Bring it on. :)
I'm connecting with some wonderful music right now. "Substance" by Joy Division has taken up what seems like permanent residence in my CD player, alternating with "Especially for You" by the Smithereens.
What a glorious dark gem "Substance" is. Wasn't Ian Curtis one of the best lead vocalists ever who couldn't sing? ;) Up there with Lou Reed, perhaps? ;) Seriously though, I can't get enough of the instrumental texture that Joy Division's fascinating to think about and listen to how it polished itself into New Order's sound.
Maybe Joy Division could be a sonic counterpart to the pictures you get in your head when you read the Sprawl series by William Gibson...but somehow I'm not sure it's technological enough. A little too raw maybe. I'm not sure even the Sisters of Mercy can fit into that slot. I'll give that some more thought. But I know exactly what William Gibson's writing TASTES like -- it's like a tall chilly Thai iced coffee. :)