Thursday, August 08, 2002

Back from Eugene and more great CDs

Hi! I'm back!
My parrot, Murphy, was really glad to see me. I was gone quite a while.
Jeff Davis and I worked very hard, and we accomplished a lot, completing Diogenes despite the notorious Oregon summer heat. Non-flute-players may not be aware that flutes are sensitive to temperature. When the day just got too darn hot, my flute wouldn't stay in tune, and it would be time to take a break until it cooled down in the studio. (By that time it was kind of hard to *think*, quite frankly...) After the cooling-off period we would resume and work until 10:00 or 10:30 at night.
I'm really proud of what I've recorded. This album will be head and shoulders above Summerland in every way. There is the airplane song you have all come to expect from me ("Tacit Blue"), some psycho Irish music ("Go Home"), several atmospheric poems-with-musical-background ("3 Visions", "Davenport", "Plaquemine Brulee"), some very tight experimental rock songs with (gasp) guitar in them ("Synaesthesia", "Cellular Hill", "John Mockingbird"), and more tunes devoted to mystical yearnings ("Three Quarters (Nubanusit & Contoocook)", "Romp Yello", "Relativity").
The new album will come out on February 4, 2003. I am relieved to have finished it. It's been on my mind for YEARS, as I was writing the songs that are on it. I've been focused pretty single-mindedly on making the CD for over a year. It actually feels really strange to be done and finished...Now what do I do? ;)
So anyway, I'm really proud and pleased.
In other news did I ever tell you I'm a big fan of the Sisters of Mercy? My favorites by them are "Floodland" (1987) and "Some Girls Wander By Mistake"(1983). Check them both out. You cannot really truly call yourself Gothic unless you have. :) (The Sisters don't want you to call *them* Gothic, though.)