Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Next up after Cordelia: ReCardiacs Fly!

On May 8th, three of us from Reconnaissance Fly (me, Tim, and Amar) will be joining ringleader Moe! Staiano, Suki O'Kane, Chris Broderick, and Marc Laspina to play a set in tribute to Cardiacs. Moe has organized this benefit show at Cafe du Nord to raise money for Cardiacs frontbeing Tim Smith's medical expenses.

We will be playing a four-song set under the name of ReCardiacs Fly. I am going to have to eat my Wheaties. And take my vitamins, and put in a few more hours a week at the gym, in order to do this music justice. Hope you will all be there!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Cordelia coming to NYC

I like when I know what I'm doing 1.5+ years in advance!

Theatre of Yugen's Cordelia will be staged in New York City in November 2012 as part of the playwright, Erik Ehn's, Soulographie cycle.

17 plays will each deal with a facet of the terrifying gem that is genocide.