Sunday, September 29, 2002

CD Artwork

The CD artwork for Diogenes is nearly ready.
Paul Decker, who is the Silver Wheely in charge of photography, has taken some wonderful timed exposures of the San Francisco International Airport -- by night, from a hilltop overlooking the runway. From that vantage point you can see the runway lights, and planes taking off, and even some lights from across the Bay. We will be putting these shots to use for the Diogenes front cover, inside cover, and the CD itself. I'm really pleased to be getting this part of the project finished because that means the run of CDs at the plant can go ahead.
One of my favorite parts of preparing a new CD is getting the "special thanks to" list ready. Check and see if you're on it when the album comes out. :)
I'm practicing hard getting ready for my live show at CD Warehouse on October 19. It's my first since returning from Eugene. I have other shows in the works including one in San Jose over President's Day weekend 2003.