Sunday, March 16, 2003

Diogenes charts and I take over a radio show

This is very cool. New Age Reporter says that Diogenes was #90 in airplay for the month of February! I'm really grateful to Randall of Musik International and all the folks there for their hard work. Hopefully it will climb even higher when the March chart comes out.
Last night Diane Solomon of KKUP, the People's Radio, graciously allowed me to bring in a stack of CDs and spin a bunch of music on her show, Blue World Music Mix. Here is the playlist:
Polly Moller - "John Mockingbird"Husikesque - "Bad Head Day"Ashley McIsaac & Mary Jane Lamond - "Sleepy Maggie"Sky Cries Mary - "Shipwrecked"archy - "tea her lea her la"King Chubby - "Red-Handed"Lackadaisy - "Electricity" Oysterhead - "Oz Is Ever Floating"Polly Moller - "Blood Sugar" (Diane picked that one out)Dead Can Dance "Black Sun"Robert Dick - "Sea of Stories Remix"Golden Palominos - "Little Suicides"Lush - "Nothing Natural"It was great fun. Usually when I go on the radio I have to talk a lot, and this was a really cool alternate experience. Diane and I also got to talk about the anti-war protests that had been going on all that day, and read some news off SF Indymedia's web site so listeners would know what was REALLY going on.