Thursday, April 03, 2014

Contemporary Diasporas Festival, May 9th

Jubilith Moore and I will be representing Theatre of Yugen on May 9th, in the Contemporary Performance Diasporas Festival hosted by Inferno Theatre Company.  

Theatre of Yugen Artistic Director Jubilith Moore and Associate Ensemble Member Polly Moller come together to create the ancient original improvisation IMPERIAL ORDER, inspired by the Noh play, Semimaru.  What is right and what is its reverse? How many souls travel this mountain pass?  How is a flower on the branch separated from its fragrance?  After traveling the wind, can the falcon find its falconer?  What hurts more, the leaving or being left?

Of course you want to know everything -- and you can find the full schedule of performances and purchase tickets on Inferno Theatre’s website:

It will all happen at South Berkeley Community Church, 1802 Fairview Street in Berkeley (entrance on Ellis) conveniently located four blocks from the Ashby BART station.