Friday, November 03, 2006

Flip Quartet premiere

The Flip got its first performance last evening!

Here are some stream-of-consciousness highlights:

1. At least 4 of the audience members had never been to a "new music" concert before.
2. Matt Davignon and Phillip Greenlief's Misspelled Duo music.
3. Moe! hurling a superball across the gallery to bounce it off the wall, twice, as part of his South quarter improvisation.
4. A good-sized audience, which Matt D described as "the biggest the LSG has had in 2 months".
5. The performers holding their three-minute timers aloft and flipping them over together, sometimes with a count-off from Moe!.
6. My brother Will doing videography and the look on his face during some parts of the improvisation.
7. The wonderful new gallery lighting rig with faders which allowed us to light up each of the four stations and make them visible.
8. Suki blowing bubbles in those classic 70s old-fashioned glasses.
9. Theresa applying a huge dry branch to the wall of the gallery.
10. Lucio and Theresa playing my Native American flute.
11. Actual door money for the performers.
12. The magnificent array of metal objects in the South quarter.
13. Lucio's leaning tower of shaker blocks.
14. Not a single word of text was spoken. The printouts of poems in the East quarter were crumpled up as sound sources.
15. The jack o'lantern didn't get improvised with. Granted, I forgot to light it. Poor Jack had a lobotomy for nothing. ;)
16. Moe! blowing soap bubbles while Matt D announced the performance.

There will be another performance of the Flip in spring in Oakland. Stay tuned!

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