Friday, August 18, 2006

Publication and premiere

I just sent away the signed contract that confirms that my flute quartet, Remove Before Flight, will be published next spring by ALRY Publications. Turn to them if you want Remove Before Flight sheet music for your own flute quartet!

Also, in case you want to save the date, my new piece, The Flip Quartet, will get its first performance on November 2nd at the Luggage Store Gallery. This piece is in a very different vein than Remove Before Flight, in that where RBF is in the "contemporary classical" style (insofar as these terms really MEAN anything), The Flip Quartet is a structured improvisation with many of the details left up to the performers.

For the first manifestation of The Flip Quartet, those performers are Lucio Menegon, Suki O'Kane, Moe! Staiano and Theresa Wong. I'm stoked anticipating what they'll come up with. The score calls for them to work with four amplified stations at the four cardinal points (north/east/south/west), and explore the four medieval elements (earth/air/fire/water) using objects, instruments, and text.

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