Thursday, August 24, 2006

The KFJC experience

Tuesday night was my live mic on KFJC. My first live mic, with Thurston Hunger as my host, was back in 1998 so it was good to be back. The campus has been rearranged a bit since then but I managed to find the studio and my host, Austin Space.

Austin went above and beyond the call of host duty. He'd brought a microphone from his personal collection and a tube preamp for me to play and vocalize through. The engineers, Katie and Eli, were completely on the ball. I felt really welcome and appreciated, which for independent musicians is all too rare an experience.

I played "Plaquemine Brulée" followed by a bass flute improvisation over "1 p.m.", a remix that Joel Krutt has done of sounds from my second album Summerland. The words I used for that one were the Houses of the Moon from the Picatrix, a thirteenth-century grimoire. I am getting ready to write a new piece around those words. It will be called (not surprisingly) "Houses of the Moon".

After that I did "Three Visions" and "Davenport".

The interview with Austin that followed focused on the West Marin event that is coming up. I also got to plug Matt's album a little bit and Austin played a track from it.

At the end of the live mic, I found out that Ophelia Necro, another KFJC host, had been listening from home and had really dug "Sugar Skulls", which is part of "Three Visions". So much so that she made me a sugar skull and brought it down to the studio for me! I was SO pleased and I was really glad when she called, just as I was leaving, so I could thank her.

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