Monday, August 07, 2006

Celestvs Avgvstvs, Reine de Berkeley

Celeste is here and although she can't come to cooking class with me, I've gotten to hear her twice, once on laptop and once on the tuba. This is very cool. She played tuba at the Skronkathon, and after her set I got to hang with her and Nicole and her dad (Celeste's dad) Ed and her old old friend Mitch. We sat outside the Mama Buzz Cafe and entrepreneurs attempted to sell us video of the original Temptations lineup and speculate about where exactly Jesus celebrated the Last Supper, in Ethiopia or in Jerusalem.

She is still under the weather and couldn't stay for all the skronking that ensued thereafter. There were some very enjoyable sets and a lot of great food on the grill. I found out that I was the very first customer to order Matt Davignon's new album, SoftWetFish. (Something I recommend you do as well, even if you can't be first.)

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