Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Outsound's annual fundraising dinner is June 27th

Outsound Presents is putting on its 3rd annual "Monday the Month Before" fundraising dinner to benefit the Outsound New Music Summit.  This year we take a big leap forward, taking our dinner into the beautiful Numi Tea Garden in Oakland, with music by Vorticella, and dinner by chef Miles Ake.  Here's the chef's description of the feast:

"The list of ingredients when put together form a classic Gazpacho. This will function as a prompt or an armature that dishes can be built upon. The root of the word Gazpacho is derived from a Mozarab word caspa, meaning "residue" or "fragments," which refers to the small pieces of bread and vegetables in a Gazpacho soup. throughout the meal the gazpacho as an entity wil go through a series of fractured movements. This fracturing is not a means to disconnect, but rather as a process of extraction, distillation and isolation of distinct parts. The structure of the menu is an anagrammatical game or a rewinding (moving backwards in time to replay a track) while simultaneously moving forward without redundancy in form/texture/taste using to compositional terms (verse, refrain, notes, scale, etc....) to build a lexicon of culinary elements."

I invite you all to view the full invitation and RSVP for the event.  Hope to see you there!

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