Monday, May 09, 2011

We rocked ourselves silly for Tim Smith.

Photo by Tom Djll
Yes we did.  ReCardiacs Fly was one of 6 artists and bands (Amy X Neuburg, Wiener Kids, Grex, Inner Ear Brigade, us, and the Dominique Leone ensemble) amassed for the occasion at Cafe du Nord.

This photo by Tom Djll too.
Left to right: percussionist Suki O'Kane, saxist Chris Broderick, me, guitarist Marc Laspina, and bassist Tim Walters.  Moe! Staiano is behind the drums and keyboardist Amar Chaudhary is in the dark depths.

Our set was:
To Go Off And Things
Too Many Irons In the Fire
Hello Mr Sparrow

It's the morning after!  The shadowy forces in charge of the benefit concert are counting the money raised for Mr. Smith's care.  The members of ReCardiacs Fly have reluctantly removed their makeup and unhyphenated their names from -Smith, and are waiting for the audio and video recordings to surface.

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