Monday, January 19, 2009

"Remove Before Flight" reviewed in Flute Talk

From the January 2009 issue of Flute Talk magazine:

"Remove Before Flight by Polly Moller is a two-movement quartet for two C flutes, alto, and bass that includes several extended techniques. In the first movement, "The Breeze", flutes 2-4 to play with residual and regular tone while the first flute plays whisper tones and multiphonics. The fast, driving second movement, "Takeoff", includes timbral trills in all voices and multiphonics in all but the alto parts. While the printed notes are not difficult, the extended techniques might require extra time to master the desired effects. It is an excellent piece for introducing those non-traditional sounds. ($12.00, 7:30, ALRY) D.B.S."

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