Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We are reborn as Reconnaissance Fly

Reconnaissance Fly was a toy from my childhood. I say "was" only because nobody seems to know where he ended up. He may still be.

My brother Will and I used to play with him. He was a replica fly about as big as my hand, made of black rubber with clear plastic wings. He did a lot of flying around and reporting on other toys and different parts of the house so that led my dad to call him Reconnaissance Fly. His name is now the new name for the band formerly known as Polly Moller & Co.

The current band lineup has been together for going on 2 years now and it's by far my favorite. We will be taking off in some new directions this year in performance, touring, and recording. Since we are a band of composers, we are going to explore that, and expand to include all the instrumental talents of our members -- Amar's piano playing, Bill's homemade instruments, and anything else that suits our new work. I might even pick up the guitar again and see what might be coaxed out. As a lyricist I'm immersed in the mysteries of spoetry. There is a long-form multi-movement composition in our future, which will be performed live and recorded as a studio album.

The band name "Polly Moller & Co.", bestowed by my friend Matt Davignon in 2004, seemed appropriate at the time, a generic name for a band with a fluid lineup. But in year 2 of the post-Paul era, it's outlived its usefulness. Everything is different now. It's a new name in a new world.

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