Sunday, June 10, 2012

My role in a world premiere on July 19th

The 2012 Outsound New Music Summit is coming up soon.  The Thursday night concert on July 19th, "The Composer's Muse", is my curation and consists of world premieres by Christina Stanley, Matthew Goodheart, and John Shiurba.

After everything was all confirmed John asked me to be the flutist and vocalist in his new work, 9x9.  Here's from his description: "The score will utilize nine different types of notation all of which are somehow derived from the newspaper, so the piece acts as a celebration and/or elegy for the old-fashioned print medium. The notation types will vary from standard music notation to graphic, textual and pictorial notation, allowing the ensemble some creative input in the interpretation. The form of the suite will be open, allowing the conductor and the players to spontaneously shape the way the music develops in real time."

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