Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Outsound New Music Summit, this Friday

It's imminent -- the day after tomorrow, in fact.  Reconnaissance Fly's last rehearsal is tomorrow night.  We have decided on our Flower Futures set list, and here it is:

1. Small Chinese Gong
2. One Should Never
3. Neat As Wax
4. Emir Scamp Budge
5. Seemed to be Divided in Twain
6. Electric Rock Like a Cat
7. Sanse is Credenza
8. Oh! Goldfinch cage
9. An Empty Rectangle

Those of you who already know Flower Futures has ten movements, and who've noticed just 9 movements in the set list, you're right.  We are leaving out one of the longer ones so as to fit the length of our set.

The Cornelius Cardew Choir is having its final rehearsals for the Summit gig also.  I'll be joining them to portray the New Universe in my piece Genesis for twelve improvisers.  Amar is also going to be in the Cardew Choir, but as Universal Time.  All this came about separately, and landed together on one date: Friday, July 23rd.  For full details, click here.

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