Friday, March 17, 2006

It was a dark and stormy night...

...but people still came out to hear an unusual music concert at an art gallery in a gritty part of San Francisco. This was very gratifying for the performers! Ferrara started things off with his haunting , evocative, and menacing ambient music. My set with Jon and Jim went very well. We had no technical difficulties with my headset mic (at last!) and the new instrumentation for the older material went over really well.

Paul was our able road manager and sound engineer. He is always so on top of things, so motivated, and so together. I have been spoiled for going on ten years having him in my corner at performances.

All you other musicians out there -- if you got him to help you with road management and sound, you would reduce your stress level immensely.

I got to meet and talk to Jim Ryan, who is the presenter of the Art Performance Lab series. We have a spot on this series coming up on May 12. Jim and I talked a bit about my planned set, the Subjects of Desire set, and how we might put together an intersecting piece for in between them. It should be a really interesting show.

Jim Carr has flown back to Kentucky but he will be back for our gig on May 12. It was really great to see him and work with him and hear stories of his busy musical life.

In other news, the piece I co-created for the Fling exhibit -- called "Sex, Love, & Expectations" -- has made the cut for a long-term exhibition of pieces from the show, at 180 Capp Street in San Francisco. I'll post more details when I know them.

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