Monday, October 03, 2005

Aviation music

An effort that has taken up most of this year so far is finally coming to a head! This Saturday evening, October 8, will be the world premiere of my piece Remove Before Flight.

The scene will be the annual fundraising gala at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, CA. The gala is sold out, so there will be 300 people there having dinner and listening to aircraft designer Burt Rutan speak. At the beginning of dinner, 4 flutists will take the stage -- myself, Amy Likar, Julie Burkert and Sarah Holzman -- armed with 2 C flutes, an alto flute and a bass flute.

Ten minutes later the crowd will have heard the two movements -- a slow one called "The Breeze" and a fast one called "Takeoff" -- and we'll see what the reaction is to the very first piece of new music commissioned by the Hiller Aviation Museum, supported by a grant from the American Composers Forum's Community Partners Program.

This week is probably going to rush by at a high rate of speed towards Saturday. I'm sure it will be over so fast I won't remember a thing about it. :)

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