Monday, May 17, 2010

Reconnaissance Fly in SF, Saturday May 22nd

Amar, Tim, and I will be performing at the Watermelon Sugar party #841, this Saturday night at 8:30.  It's officially known as a "noise series" curated by Nice Ass Records and hosted by KUSF's Bryan Chandler in his home in Potrero Hill.

Here's our set list, which will be the same one that we played at the In the Flow festival:
Small Chinese Gong
One Should Never
The Animal Trade in Canada
Ode to Steengo
Emir Scamp Budge
Seemed to Be Divided in Twain
An Empty Rectangle

We will be sharing the bill with Sarah Elena Palmer and the Shortwave Surfers.  You can find us at 238 Missouri Street near 18th Street in San Francisco, and you should BYOB.

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