Sunday, July 29, 2007 - your alternate news source

I freely admit to being kind of an infrequent blogger.

But anybody out there who's truly yearning for news about Polly Moller & Company gigs, now has an alternate news source in This is because we've welcomed Amar Chaudhary as our newest member and he posts more often. Bookmark, and you'll be better informed than if you just surf by here.

The Works/San Jose show on Friday was our first with the Polly/John/Amar trio lineup. Ultimately, our live lineup will be a quartet with Jim Carr returning on bass guitar. We'd have included him in San Jose, but he couldn't make it. It's a long schlep from Kentucky to begin with, and he had a very important exam to take this past weekend, critical to his future career as a fully credentialed music teacher.

My next adventures will be solo ones -- first at the Luggage Store Gallery this Thursday, August 2nd, as a member of the 12-piece Improv Derby large ensemble. We will be conducted by David Slusser and MaryClare Brzytwa. Then, I will be travelling to Albuquerque on August 8 to participate in the National Flute Association's 35th annual convention. My flute quartet, "Remove Before Flight", will be played in the Saturday morning flute choir reading session. I'm hoping to get in some desert hiking, too, with Clyde while I'm there.

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Charles CĂ©leste Hutchins said...

Oooh, the author of OSW. Semi-famous guy!

I met him at a conference a few years ago. Really bright guy. His OSC extensions should be turned into a standard.

Congrats on adding him to your band.