Thursday, July 26, 2007

A band and its cat

Last night was our last rehearsal before tomorrow's show at Works/San Jose. John, Amar, and I spent some hours polishing up the structured material and improvising.

Crescenda the cat (black on top, white underneath) sauntered into the rehearsal space having decided that in order to get attention, she ought to become a member of the band. She rolled around on the set list and the lyric sheets we'd laid on the floor for easy viewing by all three of us. All of us grinned uncontrollably and I tried to speak my words convincingly and probably failed.

Rehearsal was solid and it ended with all of us confident about the gig tomorrow. I headed straight over to the Edgetone Festival show, already underway at the Community Music Center. I was just in time to hear the excellent duo of Matt Davignon and Tom Nunn, followed by Nihil Communication with Laurie Benafe, and the ever-tasty drones of Darwinsbitch. The audience was given a small listening speaker to pass around. It was built into a holey stone, which as Marielle confirmed afterwards had indeed been found on the beach. It had a long, long cord attached and when held up to the ear, gave the listener another perspective on the sound coming from the stage.

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