Friday, March 31, 2006

Just for the record, I am not naked.

In the photos Daniel took of me, that is, which are on my web site and in my Tribe profile.

(I'm sure some of you smart-alecs and smart-alexas are responding to my subject line either with "Damn!" or "Thank God!")

I'm having to ramble on about this because of the owner of the Luggage Store Gallery, Laurie Lazer. She was there when I arrived at the LSG last night to have dinner with Matt Davignon and help with the concert. I came in the front door and saw her and she asked me, "What were you wearing in the photos on your web site?" And I said, "Pieces of fabric!"

Matt told me as we were headed for the Vietnamese place around the corner that when he told Laurie I was coming over, Laurie said, "Oh, is she the naked one? Will she be wearing clothes this time?"

So I offer congratulations to Daniel Malone. It looks like his photos made a big impression.

I normally work with the following definitions:
1. naked = wearing nothing
2. nude = wearing nothing for artistic or naturist purposes.
3. skyclad = wearing nothing for ritual purposes.
4. nekkid = wearing nothing, AND you're up to something. :)

I'm left to amuse myself with a new definition of "naked" though. I guess Laurie thinks it means, "not wearing clothes", and pieces of fabric, like Daniel gave me to cover myself with, don't count as clothes, and therefore she considers me naked, even though I'm covered up?

It seems like skin really is a blank canvas and pretty much anything can be projected on it. Even showing just a certain amount of skin creates a place where the viewer can read something into what is being shown.

I'm not complaining about Laurie's remarks at all -- I think they're fascinating. It's almost as though, with Daniel's photographs, I've succeeded in doing with my body what I consciously try to do with my lyrics, which is make them abstract enough for the listener to project themselves and their experiences into them.

Perhaps even before any given person has a chance to hear one of my recordings or come to one of my shows, they're already a part of my performance art.

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