Friday, October 02, 2015

Karelian Skies 2015 concert video now available

Back in July, I participated in the Karelian Skies music residency and concert, in the small town of Nurmes, North Karelia, Finland along with Kim Bjørn, Petri Frestadius,Tony Gerber, Kimmo Kivelä, Otso Pakarinen and Tim Walters.  Sound and visual brilliance by Kimmo Heikkilä, Severi Kärki, and Panu Similä, and our video was shot and edited by Otso Pakarinen.  We all collaborated on the music and I wrote all the lyrics, inspired by the weather, wildflowers, moon, magpies and laughing gulls of Finland. Pop yourself a bowl of space popcorn and enjoy!

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