Saturday, January 01, 2011

My next performing project

This is what's up next for me. I will be playing flutes and chanter, and percussionist Anna Wray will play piccolo snare and shruti box, to accompany this modern Noh play and its interpretation of King Lear, sideways through the eyes of Cordelia.


terry massey said...

i stumbled on your journal polly moller,what a beautiful name,i dont know why but it just brought to mind childrens books,polly mollers adventures! is it a german name? sorry about that...what i wanted to know is about your trip to england
and taking part in a music "thingy"
at the bbc.i have the ipod and i did have a big collection of classical/opera/choral/etc but lost it all sadly,so im rebuilding!and your performance could go with my first downloads.can you give me the details if possible?i must tell you i am into a lot heavier music like the p[ixies,velvet underground,pistols but im in love with baroque and chamber,nearlr all my chords i play are minors!hope you kick bbc's (tv licenses)arse..terry

Polly Moller said...

Hi Terry -- here's who's going to england: