Monday, October 15, 2007

All together now!

Jim Carr arrived from Kentucky Saturday morning! Now we are four!

So Jim, Amar, marvelous new guitarist Bill Wolter, and I spent the weekend rehearsing and we're all ready and psyched for our tour this week. We have three gigs in three days in each of Portland, Astoria, and Seattle. For some folks I've talked to, this qualifies it as a "whirlwind tour". There's certainly going to be plenty of driving involved.

Clyde, as our our road manager, will be along to coordinate all tech and logistical madness, sell our CDs, and record each of our performances on his own custom ProTools rig. Since the Astoria Visual Arts Center doesn't have a sound system, we're having to bring our own P.A. just for that show. All that gear, plus instruments, five people, and their luggage, is going to be an advanced game of Tetris in the van.

Bill has a conflict this evening, so Jim, Amar, and I will be holding down the fort in trio fashion at the 1510 Performance Space in Oakland. Amar will play a solo electronica set to open up.

Our set will consist of (1) pieces with composed text and improvisation cues for the instrumentalists; and (2) improvisations that grow out of each of those. We'll also be playing a cover of "Little Red Riding Hood". If that final statement makes no sense to you, you'd better come out and hear what it sounds like. :)

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