Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The latest

Lucio is back from Europe. I went to hear him at the Illuminated Corridor event last Friday night. I thought it was too bad it was so overcast in Oakland. It would have been glorious to see the full moon shining down on the crowd and the artists, but I understand overcast is how Suki wanted it, so I guess I should defer to the organizer. Among many other swell performance installations, Daniel Popsicle played a new soundtrack to "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" which was projected on the side of a white van on the blocked-off street.

I met up with Lucio again a couple of days later so I could drop off a CD of the vocal parts for "Mansions of the Moon". The parts are spoken, whispered, sung, and manipulated in Digital Performer. The idea of the piece is that the utterance of such ancient words will attract spirits, so the proliferation of vocal parts represents those spirits. Lucio & I sonically represent the magic itself. We have rehearsals set up to get the piece ready for the show on October 21st.

Lucio is also going to be part of The Flip Quartet premiering on November 2nd. The four improvisers and I will be getting together for lunch to go over the piece and make plans for how it's going to go. I expect the four three-minute timers to arrive any day now...I ordered them online and I got a shipping notification.

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