Friday, July 14, 2006


Please don't believe what you've heard about the division
between soul and substance
between Spirit and the flesh.

The world does not stand in opposition to the spirit.
The world is not a thing; the world is a place.

Souls have a life wish.
They come here not to be imprisoned by the flesh
but to spawn, to molt, to grow.

Life is a mating dance, a courtship of souls;
soul to soul and soul to god.

The world is a womb in which we bive birth to ourselves
However difficult that birth might be, that is why we come here.

To be born fully, is our life's task.

We were called into the flesh to bring Divinity to earth;
to love, understand and create.
Spirit leads us into these things.

In this quest we can find not only friends
and mentors but life partners.

The union of the flesh is but a delightful part
of an even deeper spiritual union
that awaits you if you seek it out -
and the delights when you achieve that are deeper still.

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