Thursday, June 15, 2006

An Affair to Remember

I had a dream last night that I visited Dan Magazin's home in Vallejo. I've never actually been there. But in the dream it was spacious with huge purple velvet sectional sofas in the living room -- forming two whole right angles. There was a big heavy wooden door between the front hallway and a small entryway. Stephen was there and so was Stephen's mom, plus two little kids, and boy and a girl, who were staying over. I got the feeling they were relatives.

In the dream I got into a conversation with Dan about the movie An Affair to Remember. I told him about my frustrations with the movie. I've only seen it once, when my mom showed it to me on DVD, so the DVD version may not be the "real" theater version.

But anyway -- I told Dan I thought the first half of the movie was really well-written, and Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant were so smart and sophisticated, and I could relate to the story even though it was taking place in the 50s.

The movie could have ended for me after the ship got back to New York. The second half of the movie stopped being a comedy, and got really preposterous. The characters lost all their intelligence and savvy and became hopeless caricatures. I couldn't suspend disbelief enough to get into the saccharine story that ensued. The characters you met in the first half weren't believable doing the things they did in the second half. It didn't make any sense.

In real life I remember telling my mom as much, as politely as possible since I knew she'd been really looking forward to showing me that movie. (I remember her confessing there were a couple of scenes she could have done without.) Apparently in my dream realm I wanted to reiterate those points to Dan for some reason.

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Richard Pastor said...

What ever happened to Dan Magazin? I knew him quite well back in the 1980s. Seems he's disappeared off the planet?