Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More Company news

Jim Carr is back in the Bay Area, and we're getting ready for our gig at the Art Performance Lab on Friday. We will play a 40-50 minute set containing 9 of my poetic and atmospheric pieces.

Jim's big news is that he is leaving Lexington, Kentucky and moving to Denton, Texas. His wife, Jennifer Lane, has accepted a tenured position at the University of North Texas.

And Jim's other big news is that he is about to order a custom-made Sadowsky bass guitar, to be delivered eight months from now. That's going to be amazing to hear when it arrives.

As for guitar player Jon Moreira, he is kind of paralleling Grant in that he is finishing up his undergrad degree at SF State, and getting ready to start a master's program there in music history. He is also learning Japanese as part of his grad school preparation. Lucky for me, unlike Grant, Jon's grad studies won't require him to leave the area, so we can still play together.

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