Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Beautiful Portland

This is my first chance to blog about my trip to Portland. Yes -- I am the kind of person who vacations in rainy places on purpose!

K and I had a wonderful time. I got to hear Tim DuRoche and Jason DuMars, pictured above, at the Tugboat Brewing Company. They played very intricate headspacey retro jazz that was really appropriate for the venue. K lent me his PDA to take the photo.

I also got to hang out with Albert, whom I met at Breitenbush Hot Springs, and Rich and Daria who I know from Tribe. I enjoyed great food and great tea and a stroll around the Belmont District. I got to hear Rich's band, the Pleasure Seekers, at Duff's Garage. Their whole set was really good. K especially dug their cover of "King of the Road". I thought Rich's new duo project with singer Jo Alexis showed a lot of promise also. (They were the show's opener.)

It was a great trip. Now I'm back and buckling down to some serious reformatting of "Remove Before Flight" so it can be in shape for publication. The rough draft score and parts need to be tightened up so they aren't so long and fingerings need to be added for the multiphonics.

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