Monday, January 02, 2006

Hitting the ground running in 2006

Happy New Year, everyone!

There's a lot on the calendar already for me in 2006, so I'm hard at work, not wasting a moment, preparing for all of it.

On March 11, I will be a member of the judges' panel for the Flock of Flutes competition which will take place in Walnut Creek, CA. Student flutists will be competing for cash prizes in two age divisions.

On March 16, I have my next live gig with the Company at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. There will be a mostly-new band lineup.

On April 22, I will give my performance art workshop at the Madison Flute Club's 3rd Annual Flute Fair. I'll also perform in the Gala Recital and sit on the judges' panel for their Young Artist Competition.

In June I'm planning to go back into the studio to finish up my fourth album, "Not Made of Stone". After it's done, I'll spend the rest of 2006 preparing it for release in early 2007.

Other things are in the pipeline, too, with regard to the flute quartet I wrote last year, "Remove Before Flight". The LA Flute Quartet is reading it, and I expect to hear a verdict from them by the end of this month about whether they'll perform it. Also, ALRY Publications is considering adding it to their catalog for 2007. I should hear something about that by the end of this month, also.

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