Monday, December 19, 2005

"I'm a latke; I'm a latke...

...and I'm waiting for Chanukah to come!"

No, they didn't play that song, but I was reminded of it on the drive home from the party at Frieda and Jesse's place last night. The band was Zoyres, and it was their stripped-down lineup consisting of Mike on saxophones, Liam on trombone, and Eddie on drums. Their slogan is Eastern European Wild Ferment. When we arrived Mike was lying on his back partially supported by a stability ball so I stood over him to say hi.

Paul & I had lots of fun listening to them and ultimately dancing around manically with the assembled folks. Our dancing was nothing like the dance troupe that Zoyres shared the bill with, though. Zooz Middle Eastern Dance Company did a beautiful set of as they put it, "old dances, new dances, and works in progress". I really enjoyed their performance too. Their web site is

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