Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back into the studio

I'm excited about my upcoming sessions in November. The Company will come together for another studio stint in Eugene.

Dan the pianist and I have been rehearsing piano parts. Dan will be emailed up there as data once more. Jim is making the trip out from Kentucky to play bass, which I'm REALLY excited about. Will Grant will be there as .wav files. Jeff will supply drums and engineering wizardry. I'll be handling the flute, bass flute, vocals and acoustic guitar.

The tunes that will be recorded are "The Jaguar", "The Great Highway", "Not Made of Stone", and "Suspension". All the lyrics to those can be found here.

Before the sessions start though, I'll get to spend some time visiting K in Portland and FocalAxis in Salem. I'm also hoping I'll get to hang out with Sharon Floyd a bit while I'm in Portland. She rocks. We are thinking of maybe collaborating on a performance art piece about salmon.

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