Monday, December 29, 2003

Celeste is back!

Celeste is back from Connecticut for winter break, and she'll be here until January 18. She and I had dinner over the weekend and it was so cool to catch up with her. We talked about Joan of Arc, and Liturgical Drama vs. Mystery Play, specs of medieval bells, Robert & Jaron's album (which she can apparently compel the Wesleyan library to buy, and I hope she does), Ellen Fullman and her fabulous new album, a piling up of Planet Organics boxes, and much else. We went to Starbuck's in San Bruno (thereby compromising her principles) so Paul could say hi to her too. Paul was there geeking away on his laptop and my laptop, too. We all talked about the Orange Alert and the closed bathrooms on BART, and how much warmer it is here than in Connecticut. Xena the brown dog, it was revealed, is spending winter break in West Virginia chasing squirrels.

In other news, it looks like Will Grant and I will collaborate in a live performance on January 16 at the SFSU Fine Arts Gallery.

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