Friday, November 28, 2003

All I Really Want to Do Is Play Nirvana Covers...

...and/or get myself a real, brand-new, supportive-of-the-ankles pair of skates and hit the rink for an hour or two per day. That would rock. I'm all inspired by the current Grand Prix Series and the new scoring system. :)

When you rent skates at the ice rink, you can't help but stagger around clinging to the rail because the boots prevent you from skating any other way than with your ankles turned in. I've never done anything harder than back crossovers and spinning a little bit but I really loved skating when I was doing it regularly. My first experience with non-rink-rental skates was when my cousin outgrew hers and they were handed down to me. I was still growing really fast, so I was only able to wear them for about a year or so, but it was like night and day compared to the rental skates!

Thanksgiving was very nice and peaceful and festive. The entire family behaved themselves. Sort of.

Today I worked on guitar chords for a new song called "The Great Highway". There are several new tunes in existence that have not yet been recorded which I'm planning to show to the Lads soon so they can work their guitaristic and bass magic on them. They are "How Now Is Soon", "Blood With Salt", "Ultralite", and "The Great Highway".
I have gone through at least three titles for my fourth album. At first, it was going to be called Pellucid. Then came Strange Men With Strange Flowers, which Sisters of Mercy fans will recognize as a paraphrase of a line of lyrics by them. Then came Earthquake Weather. Now, I'm leaning toward calling it Exit Stage Wrong. Anyone who is reading this may feel free to comment. :)

In other news, Robert and Jaron's album has been released. There has been a flurry of radio airplay and a release concert in New York. Here is where you can learn more about it:

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