Friday, September 05, 2003

Movie night

I've been thinking about what movie to rent tonight and that made me think of my favorite movies of all time, maybe to share with you. I have to confess I don't get out to see very many movies. They tend to be way expensive, and I don't get out much anyway between practicing and playing gigs. However, there have been some that really inspired me.

1. Donnie Darko -- I am pretty sure this is may favorite film of all time.

2. The Truman Show -- I don't think most people know what to do when they see Jim Carrey do a dramatic role. This one was awfully good. I loved the movie, since it makes me feel the same way my song "Taste the Wall" makes me feel. Yes, I cried at the end. So sue me. :)

3. The Matrix -- not the Reloaded. The original.

I haven't seen Bowling for Columbine yet but I really want to. Also that new documentary about the Weather Underground.

There was a long period, years ago, when Edward Scissorhands was my favorite movie of all time. When I was eleven years old, it was The Black Stallion. I am reasonably sure the first movie I ever saw was One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing, which I saw with a neighbor kid, Darren, and his mom when I was a little kid in Belmont, California.

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