Sunday, July 27, 2003

Celeste and Christi prepare to leave

Celeste Hutchins, who plays bass in the Band, is getting ready to start grad school at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. She's also going to marry Christi Denton on the way there -- in Canada at a wedding chapel that features an Elvis impersonator!

Christi is on her way somewhere too. She'll be starting at CCMIX in Paris this fall.
So in their final month here in the Bay Area, Christi set up a last-minute concert at 21 Grand in Oakland featuring Celeste's other band, Tennis Roberts, with me opening. Christi wanted to do a concert on August 10, I think it was, featuring herself and Celeste and their original music but I think Celeste convinced her it was too much all at once, trying to move away and give a concert the night before.

So the Elvis impersonator thing makes me think of Las Vegas. It seems traditional to go to Vegas and get very drunk and marry somebody you didn't intend to. At least it's unlikely it will be either of my bandmates, since I assume the Vegas marriage people wouldn't marry me to Ruth or Celeste. We would have to go to Canada for that and on the way, I'm sure all concerned would sober up.

This is all moot anyway since I don't drink. ;)

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